Gira ambient air sensor CO₂
E2, pure white glossy

The Gira ambient air sensor CO₂, by monitoring CO₂ concentration, enables ambient air and therefore also well-being to be improved. The quality of air is displayed via LED in traffic light colours. If set limits are exceeded, e.g. windows can be opened or fans switched on, and an internal buzzer can also signify an increased level of CO₂ concentration.

Whether school classrooms, meeting rooms or seminar rooms: where people are plentiful, CO₂ concentration can quickly build up, because everyone exhales carbon dioxide into the air. An increased concentration of CO₂ negatively affects well-being, the ability to concentrate and also performance, beginning with a CO₂ concentration of just 0.08 %. The maximum value recommended by DIN 1946 of 0.1% is often exceeded with today's building standards and the high density of building shells. In such buildings, it makes sense to automatically monitor the quality of air and if necessary to influence concentration of carbon dioxide for example by opening a window or activating a ventilator.

The Gira ambient air sensor CO₂ measures the CO₂ content in the air within a range of 0 ppm to 2000 ppm (0.2 %), displaying quality of air via a green or red symbol. An upper limit value of 800 ppm to 1500 ppm (0.2 %) can be set. If this limit value is exceeded, a corresponding function can be activated via a 2-way relay contact, e.g. open window or switch on ventilator. The internal buzzer can also be triggered with excessive concentrations of CO₂. The operating elements for deactivating the buzzer and for setting the upper limit value are concealed behind the cover plate. In addition, it is also possible to activate an external light such as the Gira LED signal light in order to signify the CO₂ content and the necessity of ventilation. In this way the status can be seen at a greater distance from the device.


The Gira CO₂-sensor is the first on the market that can be installed in a flush-mounted box and that matches a switch range.

Technical Data:

Operating voltage: 110 V~ to 230 V~ AC, 50 Hz
Limit value definition: can be set from 800 to 1,500 ppm
Power consumption: ≤ 3W
Relay output: 4 A, for ohmic and inductive loads

Subject to technical modifications

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