Saving energy with Gira

With rising energy costs, energy consumption is becoming increasingly more important. Despite growing consciousness, private households still consume lots of electricity, heating oil and gas. A portion of that can be saved, entirely without foregoing the usual comfort. On the contrary: modern technology increases well-being within your own four walls. And if energy can be saved in the process – even better.

Energy savings potential
up to 13 %* energy savings with automation of solar protection
up to 25 %* energy savings with single-room temperature control
up to 35 %* energy savings with automation of lighting
up to 45 %* energy savings with automation of ventilation

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Saving energy with conventional installation and a radio bus system

Even with relatively simple components and a low level of installation effort, a significant amount of energy can be saved, coupled with a simultaneous increase in living comfort.

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Saving energy with KNX/EIB

Well thought-out systems for intelligent building technology offer the greatest potential for energy savings. Here the Gira HomeServer 3 is used with its flexible operating options for monitoring and control of building technology.

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