Whether as a part of house building, renovation or restoration – in the future, electrical installation must be planned early. The Gira planning aids help you to decide which Gira products are best for which application, and which functions can be used for nurseries, bedrooms, the kitchen, cellar and garden. The price examples help in terms of costs to maintain a proper overview as well.

Intelligent building technology from Gira

In general, Gira building technology can be divided into three parts. As well conventional installation, Gira offers two intelligent systems that via automation and remote control technology enable a high degree of comfort, security, flexibility and economy.

Which products for which room?

The Gira radio weather station in the bath. The Gira panic switch in the bedroom. The Gira radio in the kitchen. Which products for which room? Of course, anything is possible, but we show you the applications which are practical and also help you to increase comfort.

Safety in the home

More protection for your home. The Gira assortment comprises a large number of products for your safety. From socket outlets with child protection to complex alarm systems.

Simply retrofit devices

The Gira radio bus system and Profile 55: In addition we show you how simple and affordable it is to retrofit rooms and buildings with comfortable functions, without dirt and noise.

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