Observer 70, pure white


As soon as someone enters its detection field at twilight, the Observer 70 switches on the outside lighting. The light switches off automatically if no further movement is detected. With its detection field of 70° it is especially well-suited for small properties, e.g. with terraced houses: a movement on the neighbour's property shouldn't switch on the light at your own front door.

Contact rating
  • 1000 W light bulbs
  • 1000 W HV halogen
  • 750 VA LV halogen for conventional transformer with at least 85% rated load
  • 750 W LV halogen with Gira Tronic transformer
  • 500 VA fluorescent lamps, not compensated
  • 400 VA fluorescent lamps, with parallel compensation
  • 1000 W fluorescent lamps, duo-circuit
  • Note the high switch-on current spikes with energy saving lamps. Check suitability of the lamps before use!

Technical Data
  • Rated voltage: AC 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Range: adjustable in three steps
  • Max. range: front 8 m, 11 m each side
  • Installation height: 2.40 m
  • Switch-on time: approx. 10 sec to 5 min
  • Brightness sensor: daytime and nighttime mode
  • Ambient temperature: -25 °C to +55 °C
  • Protection type: IP 55
  • Interference suppression: VDE 0875 T 14
  • Dimensions: L 123 x W 62 x D 42 mm

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