SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light,
E22 Aluminium


The Gira SCHUKO socket outlet with LED orientation light has an inserted light strip that projects a light corridor downwards by means of a white LED. This gives an indirect, non-glaring orientation light. Furthermore, the Gira sockets with LED orientation lights are provided with a twilight sensor that automatically turns on the light when darkness sets in and switches it off when there is enough natural light. The LED light is located in the socket cover and when installing, comes into direct contact with the socket outlet base. This enables an easy upgrade of the Gira socket outlets already installed.

Technical data
  • Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Power consumption: 0.25 W/0.35 VA/1.5mA
  • Standby: 0.175 W/0.25 VA/1.0 mA
  • Light intensity: 0.2 cd
  • Protection type: IP 20
  • Operating temperature: -15 ºC to +40 ºC

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