Door Station Stainless Steel, 1-gang


The Gira door station stainless steel combines design and strength: it’s not only highly attractive with its high-quality stainless-steel front panel but also extremely rugged, vandal-proof and weather-resistant. It is available with or without a colour camera. Everything from single-family homes to large buildings can be equipped with the Gira door station. The product range includes numerous variants: models for up to 12 residential units can be realised. Like all Gira door stations, the door station stainless steel is also equipped with modern microprocessor technology. The advantage of this technology: the voice-controlled talk-back and echo and background noise suppression. The loudspeaker’s speech volume is adjustable.


Gira, Radevormwald

Phoenix Design, Stuttgart

Design awards:
- Plus X Award, media society networks, 2007
- iF Product Design Award 2007, iF Design Hanover

Vandalism protection

Front panel

The front panel of high-quality V2A stainless steel is a very rugged 3 mm thick. The front panel and name plates match up almost seamlessly, so nothing can be inserted in the cracks. The hands-free speech functions also lie covered behind the stainless-steel panel in order to protect the loudspeaker and microphone.

Name plates and call buttons

The 5 mm thick cover windows made of security glass are protected against spray water, withstand attacks in the form of impacts, fire or scratches and are especially easy to clean. The inscription labels can be removed from the door station without dismantling. The unlocking device is concealed. The bell buttons made of rugged stainless steel are also extremely durable.

Loudspeaker and microphone

Due to the concealed design of the loudspeaker and microphone, it is not possible to destroy the hands-free unit with a sharp object. The hands-free unit, like all Gira door stations, is equipped with state-of-the-art microprocessor technology.

Additional product details

  • Night design: the call buttons are evenly lit via a power-saving white LED through the opening in the centre. The name plates are also illuminated at night via a homogenous white LED.
  • Audible acknowledgement signal for a call button press. Can also be switched off if necessary.
  • Flat 32 mm flush-mounted box in conjunction with a video camera: 60 mm
  • Screwless installation system for all variants - Unlocking via a special opening tool included with the product.
  • Protection type: IP 44
  • Operating temperature: -25°C to +70°C
  • Supplied ready for connection and includes in-built door loudspeaker; no time-consuming wiring of the call buttons at the construction site.
  • Connections:
    2 screw terminals for 2-wire bus
    2 screw terminals for additional supply
    2 system bus connector strips (6-pole)
    1 video connector strip (2-pole)
    2 sabotage contact screw terminals

Product range

The product range includes a host of variants for flush-mounting. The Gira door station stainless steel is available in models for one to twelve residential units.
Dimensions of door stations (W x H)

1-gang, 2-gang, 3-gang: 160 x 218 mm
4-gang, 6-gang: 160 x 285 mm
8-gang, 9-gang: 160 x 352 mm
10-gang, 12-gang: 270 x 285 mm

1-gang, 2-gang: 160 x 285 mm
3-gang, 4-gang: 160 x 352 mm
6-gang, 8-gang, 9-gang: 160 x 437 mm
10-gang, 12-gang: 270 x 285 mm

Inscription Service for the door station stainless steel

This free service is available with the purchase of a door station stainless steel: a professional initial inscription of the call buttons via the Gira Inscription Service for a homogenous appearance of outdoor applications. The inscription holders are non-fading, weather-resistant, wrinkle-free and the size is optimally matched to the door station stainless steel. An inscription can be created in just a few steps at and ordered via a web form. You will receive the inscription holders within a few days in the post.


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