Home stations

The Gira home stations are hands-free systems for flush-mounted installation. They consist of base units and expansion functions such as the TFT colour display. 

Home stations receiver

With receiver variants of the Gira home stations, main functions are concealed behind the receiver. Base units can be expanded with additional functions such as the TFT colour display. Flush-mounted installation. 


Surface-mounted home station video

High-tech, compact as never before: The Gira surface-mounted home station video is controlled by a light touching of the buttons via capacitive technology, and has a latest-generation, high-resolution TFT colour display. 


Surface-mounted home station

The Gira surface-mounted home station offers an especially simple solution for installing to walls. It is completely pre-assembled only 21 mm thick, and can be installed quickly and cleanly. 


Surface-mounted gong

Ideally suited for notification in out-of-the-way rooms: The gong from the Gira door communication system signals both acoustically and via LED when someone rings at the door. 



The Gira VideoTerminal is a home station with an especially large, active 5.7" TFT colour display. 



DCS-TV gateway

With the Gira DCS-TV gateway from the Gira door communication system, you don’t have to get up from watching television when the doorbell rings. 


DCS-TC gateway

With the Gira DCS-TC gateway, the Gira door communication system can be integrated in the existing telephone system for example. 


Gira Control 19 Client

Door communication meets intelligent building technology: the Gira Control 19 Client for control of the KNX/EIB installation can also be used as a home station. 



Gira Control 9 Client

The Gira Control 9 Client is a touch screen PC for controlling the KNX/ EIB installation. In combination with the Gira DCS-IP-gateway it can also be used for the door communication. 


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