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AMC specializes in innovative lighting solutions with fiber optics and LED.  We design, manufacture, and distribute products and tools required to implement these solutions.

For a quick introduction into how fiber optic lighting systems work, we recommend you download and read "100 Questions & Answers". Should you have further specific questions on how fiber optics can be used in lighting, please do not hesitate to consult us at

For a more detailed explanation on how to plan fiber optics lighting installations, please consult the download "Design Criteria"

Starry skies have becoming the highest expression of sophisticated lighting in pools, both indoor and outdoor. Swimming or using a pool with a starry sky at night it's an unforgettable experience. Full preparation and installation details available from our technical department.

We also specialize in custom solutions. With our vast experience, we can undertake projects from beginning to end and develop innovative solutions for the most demanding lighting designs.

Besides scale reproductions of accurate sections of the sky at night to full hemisphere, we can manufacture any pattern, drawing or at any size or level of complexity.


-100 Questions & Answers
-Design Criteria

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